Brunch with Gary Johnson, Saturday, March 26th, 11am, Village Inn Tualatin. Please RSVP at our meetup or facebook event.  If you are not a member of our facebook group, you can request to join here.


Welcome to the Libertarian Party of Oregon

The LPO is solely based on the kindness of volunteers and the generosity of those who donate. The LPO is here to help facilitate Libertarian activities in Oregon, connect like minded people, and advance the philosophy of non aggression in our world. The easiest way to contact us and to talk to other Libertarians is through the Facebook link to the upper right corner. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are currently preparing for our 2016 Primary Election process for all state level and national presidential candidates. Please check back regularly under our elections menu for updates.


Just a reminder to our members - there are no dues required to be a voting member of the Libertarian Party of Oregon. So long as you are a registered Libertarian voter in the state of Oregon, your voice is welcome in determining the future of your party and your state. Thanks again for your commitment to liberty and to a better Oregon!

(We have, sadly, gotten word of a fraudulent fundraising letter claiming to request "dues" in order to secure voting privileges at a "Libertarian Party of Oregon convention." We are investigating the appropriate action to deal with this clear violation of the Non-Aggression Principle and the law.)