2017 Director Election Statements

Libertarian Party of Oregon
2017 Director Election
Candidate Statements

The statements below were provided by the candidates and have not been edited or fact-checked by the Libertarian Party of Oregon. Not all candidates submitted statements.

These statements are also available as a PDF document.

 Gary Dye


Oregon State Univ. BS ChE
Pepperdine MBA
UC Irvine BS Physics; BS Applied Math
Northwest School of Law — Attended

Vocational Background
Oil Refining Process Engineer
Natural Gas Measurement Engineer/Director

Prior Official Libertarian Activity
1998 Vice-Chairman LPO
Candidate — Metro District 7, 1998
Candidate — Texas US Rep., 2000
Candidate — Oregon State Rep., District 48, 2016

Current Governmental Activity
David Douglas School District Budget Committee

Objectives as Libertarian LPO Director

Our society has been habituated to vote for either the Democratic or Republican parties, Liberal or Conservative, or Left or Right. Unfortunately, that’s not us. Before citizens will vote for Libertarians, they need to think libertarian (or be convinced that they are already thinking libertarian), and that will require communication and education. The Libertarian Party is the best vehicle for that communication and education, regardless of whether we can get anyone elected into office. To this end, I would like to become Director of the LPO such that I can add my efforts and my own particular spin to this process.

I think and believe that Libertarian candidates and our party platform should always have a twofold nature: an unabashedly pure ideological vision of a libertarian society, along with recognition that our society is not libertarian currently, and thus half-measures must be taken to transition from what is now to what will be. Great care must be taken to minimize the pain that will be experienced in this migration by all of our family, friends, and countrymen who have either been voluntarily or forcefully made dependent on an omnipresent government.

Josh Hunking

I am excited for the opportunity to be more involved with the LPO. I think that there is a lot of good that we can do for Oregon if we can convince people to take our ideas seriously. About me personally: I live in Albany and have worked in Corvallis for the past 4 years as an attorney. I graduated in 2013 from the Willamette University College of Law and in 2010 from Oregon State University. I am a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Oregon Army National Guard and have been so for 12.5 years. I am not as experienced as other board members, but I am organized and intelligent and precisely focused on accomplishing whatever task I decide to accomplish. I implore you to vote for me for the Board of Directors and get a fresh, but collaborative and intelligent look at the business of the LPO.

Lars Hedbor

No photo provided.

As your representative on the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s Board of Directors, I will continue to bring to bear a wide range of experience and skills to further the critical work of increasing freedom in our state and in our country.

I have been a Libertarian since my earliest political awareness, and have worked extensively to support Libertarian candidates as well as state and local party organizations. I have served as a county chair, a delegate to a national convention, and most recently as your state vice chair and as a candidate for state house. I have participated in the effort to focus our work on electoral success, as well as reaching out strategically to collaborate on issues where we have agreement with our opponents.

I believe that most Oregonians are libertarians, and our common-sense positions and our principled approach can win their support. I have also strenuously opposed the efforts of those who seek to repurpose the Libertarian name to support their anti-freedom causes, such as the recent failed hostile takeover attempt by elements of the Oregon GOP.

Our primary task is that of finding qualified, credible candidates for elective office, at all levels, and running campaigns appropriate to our resources and prospects in all possible races across the state. I bring the following qualifications to bear in support of these efforts:

  • Unwavering commitment to economic liberty and personal freedom for all
  • Exceptional communicator, in all media
  • Experience as a county chair and state vice chair and chair
  • Campaign experience, both as candidate and support

Oregon faces a variety of challenges, where the clearest solution is the Libertarian approach. From property rights to environmental issues, law enforcement abuses to equal treatment before the law for all Oregonians, Libertarians are the only political group whose positions make sense. We have an opportunity to make the case for liberty, and I look forward to helping to lead that effort.

Lars D. H. Hedbor

James Foster

James Foster, 59, first voted Libertarian in 1980 and has been a Libertarian candidate for partisan office in Oregon four times (most recently as the LPO candidate for Governor). James holds a J.D. from UCLA, as well as an MBA in Management, a B.A. in Mathematics, and M.S. in Computer Science. James is a supporter of the Cato Institute and enjoys sharing a libertarian perspective on public policy issues.

Renee Daphne Kimball

No photo provided

The most important thing for you to know about me is that I live by four principles:

1. I tell the truth because I want others to speak the truth to me.

2. I am honorable in my dealings with others because I want them to be
honorable in their dealings with me.

3. I respect property interests as I want others to respect my property interests.

4. I really enjoy employing that “Do Unto Others thing”

At the most recent Board Meeting I requested to be assigned the Membership
Development Chair since I was already doing the job and thought it would be
nice to have a more positive role in the party. Hugo and I host the Social Meetup,
second Wed of each month at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne and Libertarian Vision
Night in our home, second Tue of each month. These gatherings are electric and
enthusiastic opportunities for like-minded folks to connect around the libertarian
philosophy and its incredible ability to solve problems without resorting to force.
These meetups are smorgasbords of strategy on ways to help this world be
prosperous and peaceful. Another important opportunity to effect change and
create solution is the LPO board. With people focused on finding solution and
creating change, things can happen big AND fast.

Working with others who envision better times and who entertain ways to make it
happen is far more profitable than moaning about the present and hoping for
miracles. It’s also a lot more entertaining and fun!

This party could use a bit of fun injected to attract people who understand we
have more going on than debates and hour-long oratories about the problems.
And what about marketing? Since we have the best product on the planet
(liberty), we can certainly strategize a successful marketing approach that entices
our customers to “purchase” our product. I’m ready to do the grunt work for liberty
by being on the board of the LPO.

Erik Sippel

I have lived in Portland for 12 years and I currently reside in Multnomah County. I have considered myself a Libertarian since 2013 and registered with the Libertarian Party the following year. I was inspired by Frédéric Bastiat’s book “The Law.” I attended Oregon State for one year, and am currently working for Pizza Hut as a delivery driver.

Honesty is very important to me. I am passionate about the Non-Aggression Principle. I am excited by how it can guide us towards a more peaceful, prosperous and just world. For me, this philosophy leads to Voluntarism, with no need for the state. It is important to help fellow Libertarians run for and fill public positions so that we can make progress in reducing the size and scope of the government.

I would very much like to hear ideas from our members for improving the visibility and effectiveness of the party. Here are some things I would like to help accomplish as a board member.

1. Help promote candidates

  • Help with public visibility of candidates (media, etc.)
  • Provide voter data that can help candidates with their canvassing
  • Connect candidates with mentors2. Increase the party’s public visibility
  • Staff booths at public events
  • Collaborate with other organizations who have shared goals3. Increase the participation of party members
  • Host fun events, give members a reason to show up and get involved
  • Encourage, train and reward our volunteers
  • Encourage the establishment and growth of affiliate organizations in each of our counties, since traveling to Portland isn’t practical for many of Oregon’s Libertarians

I have a flexible work schedule and am willing to commit a significant amount of time to helping the party grow. I am eager to get experience communicating the libertarian message, and helping to make a difference for the party.

Let’s keep the momentum of the Libertarian party growing, as we offer a better alternative to the mainstream parties.

Jennifer Mendenhall

No photo submitted.

I am a lifelong Oregonian, and worked for years within the sausage factory that is our state government. Seeing state laws and policies being shaped up close gave me an appreciation for the unnecessary complexity and barely-concealed cronyism that exists at all levels of government.

For the past four years, I have served faithfully and effectively as the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s treasurer, maintaining the books and required elections law compliance filings with professionalism and accuracy.

I am interested in maintaining my voice on your Board of Directors, and in offering my experience with our state government toward the effort to reduce its interference in our lives. I appreciate your support and hope to earn your vote.

Jennifer Mendenhall

Kyle Markley

Occupation: Technical Lead Engineer, Intel Corporation

Occupational Background: Computer microprocessor validation and debugging

Educational Background: BS Computer Science, Iowa State University

Prior Governmental Experience: LPO director 2013-present, Vice Chair 2015-present; Statements for Liberty PAC founder/director 2015-present; Member, Joint Interim Task Force on Campaign Finance Reform 2015-present

I am volunteering to serve for a third term as an LPO director in order to help spread awareness of libertarian ideas through the electoral process.

I became a political activist in 2012, and have three times run as a Libertarian for the Oregon Legislature against both D and R candidates (2012: 5.8%, 2014: 8.9%, 2016: 8.5%). I recently founded the Statements for Liberty PAC, which helped many of our 2016 Libertarian candidates to both draft and pay for effective Voters’ Pamphlet statements for the general election.

The LPO has grown rapidly in electoral activity, influence, and membership. To keep up with this growth, it has become imperative for us to improve our internal processes and operations: recordkeeping, access to data, member communication (website, response to inquiries, and member outreach), fundraising, use of volunteers, event participation, partner organizations, and resources for candidates. My objective upon reelection to the board will be to grow the organization’s capabilities and professionalism during the “off season” so that we are poised for a record-breaking 2018.

In my previous two terms, I have been among the most active directors, helping to draft many of the communications sent to our members and serving on numerous committees, including the primary election rules committee, ballot measures committee, bylaws committee, worked on the Party’s Voters’ Pamphlet statement, and have served as de facto Secretary for some periods of time.

This experience has given me a good understanding of our Party’s strengths and weaknesses. I know what we do well, and I know where we need to improve. Re-elect me to push the LPO toward continued growth and greater effectiveness and impact.

Vote for Markley, that’s no malarkey!

Timothy Perkins

Thank you for taking the time to vote for your Libertarian Party state directors!

I was born, raised and homeschooled in Salem, Oregon. My parents homeschooled my siblings and I because they believed in their responsibility to raise their own children rather than turning us over to the state for education. Right from the beginning I learned to be suspicious of government power and the parties wielding that power, and registered as Unaffiliated when I first signed up to vote.

Last year, thanks to some excellent outreach from the primary campaigns of the candidates for the National Libertarian Party presidential nomination, I became involved in the party because the ideas of the Libertarian Party are the best political ideas in the nation.

In order to successfully spread our ideas, we need to recruit and support the best messengers to inspire people to become activists in their communities for libertarian ideas and solutions. The LPO needs to provide infrastructure for candidates and voters so that they aren’t lost when it comes to political activism.

My past and current activities with the party are: attending the 2016 National Libertarian Party Convention in Orlando, Florida; serving on the Board of the Libertarian Youth Caucus (to which I was just re-elected April 2017); running for City Council in Salem, Oregon from December 2016 through March 2017 (my candidacy received 10% of the vote in a four-way race where the top two candidates each outspent me 6:1); attending LPO board meetings and networking with libertarians throughout the state; I was appointed by the LPO board to be the webmaster for lporegon.org in late March 2017.

As I hope you can see, I intend to work harder and go farther than anyone else in pursuing liberty and establishing a healthy Libertarian Party.