Foreign Policy

Please note that this is not the official position of the Libertarian Party of Oregon.  This is an example of thought as viewed through the lens of liberty and freedom.

Foreign Policy

When it comes to foreign policy the best foreign policy is a simple and humble one. The United States should apply the “Golden Rule” and we should trade freely will all the other nations of this earth. There is no better security to achieving peace than through mutually beneficial free trade. Trading partners will always seek out peaceful solutions. Whenever people visit each others’ lands, i.e. tourism, they get to know each other and realize that just because we may look different, dress different, pray different and eat different foods we really are the same inside. We want our children to be safe, we want to love, we want to be left alone and we want our liberties protected.

The isolationist policies of the Democrats and Republicans of keeping everyone at the end of missile’s cone length are not working nor have ever worked throughout history. Our foreign policy of sanctions only hurts the people of the targeted country. Sanctions are an act of war. The foreign policies of the Republicans and Democrats are violent in nature and violence only begets violence.

Protective tariffs are the act of an isolationist and of someone who does not understand economics. No one wins when tariffs are enacted except those politically favored industries who get to charge higher prices and thus make bigger profits. The people that are hurt are the consumers on both sides through less choice and higher costs. Tariffs hurt the people living in poverty the most.

In the event that a bad guy attacks us or a friend we are to go through the Congress as outlined in our legal document the Constitution. If it is decided that action needs to be taken it is to be to the full extent of our capabilities and it is to be over quickly. Having over 800 military bases worldwide is not a strong defense. A strong defense is having our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, aunts and uncles back home defending us. Not to mention having the military dollars spent in the United States.

We are not to police the world. The way to change people is by setting an example and exporting peace through osmosis one person at a time. Nothing is more powerful than ideas. Let us spread ideas.

In the 20th century, the bloodiest century of all and with a conservative estimation of 250 million people killed by governments, should be more than enough evidence that large and centrally powerful governments are not the answer. Freedom is the answer.