Please note that this is not the official position of the Libertarian Party of Oregon.  This is an example of thought as viewed through the lens of liberty and freedom.


The solution to healthcare is not complicated.

The cost of healthcare could be brought down rapidly.

Quality and care would improve.

Have you every wondered these following questions?

    • Why are people getting sicker and sicker?
    • Why were doctors able to make house calls?
    • Why is medicine the only technology that gets more expensive?
    • Why was it people could once before pay for medical treatment out of pocket?
    • Where did mutual aid societies go?
    • Where did all the charitable hospitals go?
  1. The federal, state, and local need to end their follies into nutrition. Ever since the federal government,the McGovern Report, adopted Ancel Keyes’s and the lipid hypothesis human health has taken to a downward trend line. This has led to whole industries being subsidized by governments from corn, grains, and soy. This has distorted the market and with a false message with little to science behind it humans have paid the price with their health. Manufactured foods have replaced the real and whole foods humans have ate for thousands of years.
  2. There should be 100% separation from the government and the farm. No more subsidies, no more regulations aimed at hurting local farming families and communities. The closer to home people can get their foods the better it is for the economy and the general health of those persons.
  3. The medical profession from your general practitioner to the largest hospital should operate under a free market. Competition is the key to lowering prices, creating new solutions for curing disease and illness. The currents system is about treating and not healing due to a perverse and protected profit motive for pharmaceutical companies. Every customer should be able to get an upfront quote and should be free to shop around. Insurance companies from every corner of this country and planet should have free access to offer their product to everyone under the same rules.
  4. Insurance itself should be treated and used as insurance. Insurance is a product to be utilized as a rational tool for mitigating financial risk posed by catastrophic events. Car insurance is not used for routine maintenance.  People understand that car insurance would be expensive; the same applies to health insurance.