Please note that this is not the official position of the Libertarian Party of Oregon.  This is an example of thought as viewed through the lens of liberty and freedom.


Libertarians will first consult principles and then the Constitution when forming opinions concerning federal government. For any human to believe in government that person must first define the role of government. For the vast majority of Libertarians this will be Defense, Police and Judicial. The one role government is responsible for is to protect an individual’s liberties.

Libertarians recognize the Constitution and under the agreement that was arranged between the sovereign states in order to create a federal government and then give a federal government some very limited powers. Thus state rights and powers can be more involved and complex but for a Libertarian principles always come first as point of reference to work from. However, not everything is black and white. Thus at a state level Libertarians may work to promote principles to help facilitate a peaceful and coercion free community.

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