LPO Board of Directors operating policies

LPO Board of Directors operating policies adopted May 16, 2011

1. LPO Board minutes distribution policy

Within 48 hours of approval of minutes of the previous meeting by the Board, the Secretary will post them towww.lporegon.org.

The Secretary will email draft minutes of each Board meeting to all LPO Directors prior to the subsequent scheduled meeting.

2. LPO Board meeting notice policy

Notice of LPO Board of Directors meetings shall be posted at www.lporegon.org at least 14 days prior to any scheduled meeting.

The Secretary will notify by email each Board member and Director at least 14 days prior to any scheduled meeting.

3. LPO Board meeting agenda policy

The agenda for each LPO Board of Directors meeting shall be approved by majority vote of Directors attending, at the beginning of each meeting. The Secretary shall prepare preliminary agendas under the direction of the Chairperson.

The Secretary shall email each Director a copy of the preliminary agenda for each scheduled meeting at least 6 days prior to the start of the meeting. Directors who wish to add items to the preliminary agenda will send their requests to the Secretary, with carbon copies to the Chairperson.

4. LPO Board quorum policy

The LPO Board of Directors shall conduct no business, except setting the time and place of the next meeting, without a quorum of Directors in attendance at a scheduled meeting.

A majority of current Directors (not counting vacant Director positions) shall constitute a quorum.

5. LPO news release policy

The Secretary is authorized to prepare and factual news releases concerning party activities, and to email them to media outlets upon approval by the Chairperson.

6. LPO Board vacancy policy

In the event that any LPO Director submits a resignation in writing to the Chairperson, or is reliably confirmed to be no longer a registered Libertarian elector in the state of Oregon or to be deceased, his or her position on the Board shall be considered vacant.