Nominating Convention Rules

Libertarian Party of Oregon

 Nominating Convention Rules

adopted by the LPO Board of Directors, September 26, 2011


     1.  A friendly reminder that none-of-the-above is no longer a valid choice under our current party rules. If you do not like the candidates being offered, be willing to step up to the challenge yourself.

     2.  No heckling. During this convention only the chairperson and the candidates shall have the floor. They will speak from the podium and there should be no comments from the audience.

     3.  The schedule will be as follows:

      6pm-7pm  Registration and Social Mingling

7pm  Nominations from the floor

Speeches by candidates, 5 minutes each and germane to each one’s particular candidacy

20 minutes after speeches are complete, the polls will open. You have those 20 minutes to   mingle, lobby for votes, ask candidates questions, etc. After those 20 minutes the polls close.

The process of speeches and balloting will continue until there is a winner, except in subsequent rounds speeches are limited to 3 minutes and polling will only last 10 minutes.

4.  Prior to each round of balloting the Secretary will issue a ballot to each registered delegate who requests one, and will record who received ballots for that round. When polls open, each delegate who was issued a ballot for that round may deposit it, folded to maintain ballot secrecy, in the ballot box; and the Secretary will record who voted.

5.  Ballots will be counted, and the person receiving a majority of votes cast in that round will be the winner. If there is no majority, the person receiving the lowest number of votes AND all persons receiving less than 10% will be eliminated. If such eliminations would result in only one candidate remaining, then the candidates receiving the top two totals of votes will remain in the race.

6.  If a round of balloting with only two candidates results in a tie, a final run-off ballot will follow. If that run-off ballot results in another tie vote, the winner of a coin toss between those two candidates will win the party’s nomination.