2018 Primary Voters’ Guide

US Representative, 3rd District

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Gary Dye


I offer myself as a Great Compromise between liberals (who have been trying to use the Democratic Party to take over the government to impose a liberal lifestyle on everyone) and conservatives (who have been trying to use the Republican Party to take over the government to impose a conservative lifestyle on everyone). I promise the liberals that a libertarian government will not impose a conservative lifestyle, and promise the conservatives that a liberal lifestyle will not be imposed. Both must be convinced that their centuries-old war will never be won, and that their current form of compromise — liberals trading away social freedoms to conservatives that are trading away economic freedoms — is incrementally leading us to totalitarianism, and a mountain of debt that will destroy the dollar and produce economic collapse. The compromise will be for more freedom and liberty, and less government programs, laws, and taxation.

Our military will be truly defensive, and will not be used to protect overseas capital investments, access to raw materials, or protection of citizens venturing abroad. Alliances will be restricted to defending principles consistent with our Constitution. Foreign aid and tariffs will be eliminated, replaced by voluntary charity and boycotts. Embassies/consulates will be reduced to one per country, and then eliminated altogether due to obsolescence. Citizenship will be privatized, able to be bought and sold on the open market.

Government will no longer forcibly collect charity and determine which charities merit funding. People will donate their tax savings to causes of their choice, eliciting the happiness of charity rather than the disdain of the tax bill. Schools will be privatized, letting parents choose the schools and curriculum that best fits their parenting plan, and not a politically connected Board.

Not only will I support term limits, but no elected official should receive retirement benefits. And all government employees should have their pensions migrated to 401’Ks — they need to have skin in the game before they place stifling regulations and taxes on industry.

(This information furnished by Gary Dye.)

State Senator, 4th District

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Scott Rohter


Occupation: Author, Writer, Publisher, Property Rights Advocate, Farmer, Small Business Owner

Occupational Background: Owner and publisher www.lessgovisthebestgov.com reaching 80,000 to 150,000 people every year.

Educational Background: American Business College

Prior Governmental Experience: Author of Oregon House Bill 3453 in 1995 which became House Bill 4111 and passed the Oregon Legislature in 2012. This legislation ended the unconstitutional practice of government foreclosures on real property for the exact amount of an unpaid lien. It requires the Oregon Constitution to conform to the 4th, 5th, and 8th Amendments of the United States Constitution. You can listen to my compelling testimony before the Committee on General Government and Consumer Protection here post link. https://youtu.be/K8AI_7h-xzs

In 2008 I successfully got the Oregon DMV to end its practice of allowing police officers to anonymously report drivers for retesting. You can learn more about the secret files at the DMV here: https://youtu.be/K8AI_7h-xzs

School Safety and the 2nd Amendment:

I do not support any further infringements of the 2nd Amendment. They have done nothing to stop the violence in our country. Violence has continued to increase right along with the increase in the amount of infringements placed on the 2nd Amendment. That is because we are not addressing the root cause of the problem: why our country produces so many sick and violently disturbed people who don’tt value their own life more less the lives of anyone else. Violence will continue to increase until we address this problem. I support increased mental health screening to identify problematic students and proactive measures to recognize and treat mentally ill people. I support stationing armed security guards at every school, and allowing properly trained teachers to carry a concealed weapon or a Taser if they wish, and I support installing metal detectors at every school.

Hwy 126 and Eugene’s Municipal Water Supply:

One of the greatest threats to public safety in Lane County is the danger to motorists and to the water supply for the City of Eugene posed by the lack of adequate safety standards along the McKenzie Highway. It will be my top priority if I am elected to increase the safety along Highway 126. There is no reason why the Oregon Department of Transportation can’t install rumble strips along the center line and the fog lines in both directions as well as reflectors. Every year there are too many accidents involving fatalities along this dangerous roadway. There has also been an alarming increase in the number of accidents involving trucks hauling hazardous materials between I 5 and Bend. The water for the City of Eugene is at risk. My opponent has done nothing in 23 years as a member of the Oregon Legislature to make the McKenzie highway safer. If you elect me I will.

(This information furnished by Scott Rohter.)

State Senator, 13th District

Kim Thatcher

Kim Thatcher


Occupation: Owner; highway contracting company, and equipment rentals/sales businesses

Occupational Background: Accounting; Construction Projects Management; Equipment Operation; Concrete Technician, Work Zone Trainer, Church Social Services Volunteer; SMART Reading Volunteer, High School Mentor, Cubmaster

Educational Background: Oregon City High School, Portland State University

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative 2005-2014; State Senator 2014 to present; Appointments include Oregon Transparency Commission; Public Records Advisory Commission. 2018 Committees include General Government and Accountability, Conduct, Legislative Audits, and Judiciary

Community Activities: Oregon Contractors Association; Keizer, Chehalem Valley, and Wilsonville Area Chambers of Commerce; National Federation of Independent Business; National Association of Women in Construction; Church volunteer, Board Member of Oregon Connections Academy

Personal: Happily married 34 years. Three daughters, one son and five adorable grandchildren. Licensed to fly small airplanes into clouds, though often grounded because of family, church, work, and community commitments. Finds cheap entertainment playing with her dogs and cats.


Protecting Individual Rights

  • Kim works to unwind crippling regulations interfering with private property and the ability pursue economic success.
  • Kim continues to protect second amendment rights so individuals can retain the ability to defend themselves and their loved ones
  • Kim pushes hard for a wider range in school choice so parents can choose the best path to prosperity for their children.
  • Kim believes informed juries will make better decisions in determining justice

Holding Politicians and Government Accountable

  • Kim is gaining ground in her call for greater government transparency, reining in agency rulemaking, and improving citizens’ access to public records
  • Kim contends that all legislators should put their names on introduced legislation promoting transparency in lawmaking while bolstering accountability to voters.
  • Kim pushes to end legislative Emergency Clause abuse preserving Oregonians’ right to say “NO” through referendum.

“Thank you for the Libertarian nomination in 2014 and for supporting me again!”

VOTE KIM THATCHER for State Senate


(This information furnished by Kim Thatcher.)

State Senator, 16th District

John Maxwell

John Maxwell


My name is John Maxwell and I’m running to be your state senator in Senate District 16. Let’s bring the district back to We the People and ensure that its citizens are truly represented in our state legislature. I welcome all constituents to discuss issues or concerns with me and will do my best to represent those concerns. Further, I will proactively reach out to you for your input.

I grew up poor in an area where the government failed the people. I knew I wanted to improve the world around me. I became a biologist and am a currently a consultant. I know I don’t have all the answers and I’m used to collaborating with others who have knowledge and expertise I don’t have.

I am currently a Non-Affiliated voter. I intend to fight for individual rights. I agree with most of the national Libertarian Party’s platform on Personal Liberty and Securing Liberty, while I disagree with much of the section on Economic Liberty. We agree on far more than we disagree and have a lot to gain from working together to fight for a better future for Oregon. Further, I commit to being willing to listen with an open mind to arguments for positions counter to those I may hold.

I generally believe that individuals should be free to make choices for themselves. Together, we can end the war on drugs and end the prison industrial complex. We can fight for personal privacy and against discrimination. We can work together to make a more inclusive government which represents the many different political views we have and gives minor parties a real chance to be represented. These are some of the areas we agree where we could make real change.

I ask for your vote so that together we may fight for individual rights and change the way our government currently works. Let’s make it truly a government of We the People. Thank you.

(This information furnished by John Maxwell.)

State Representative, 30th District

Kyle Markley

Kyle Markley


Occupation: Technical Lead Engineer, Intel Corporation

Occupational Background: Computer microprocessor validation and debugging

Educational Background: BS Computer Science, Iowa State University

Prior Governmental Experience: Member, 2015-2016 Joint Interim Task Force on Campaign Finance Reform

I am an experienced and effective candidate, able to earn media attention and get results. I was your Libertarian party nominee for this district in 2012, 2014, and 2016, earning great results in the general elections (5.79%, 8.92%, and 8.51%). These are some of the best results nationwide for state legislative races against both a Republican and a Democrat.

I want to keep presenting the Libertarian vision of rolling back the state and returning freedom to the people. Although my end goals are radical, my approach will be to pursue what is achievable in the existing political climate. Liberty has been lost over a long period of many injuries, and the process of regaining it will be gradual, too. I will look favorably at imperfect improvements and will not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

My professional background has given me experience with complex systems and the ways they behave incorrectly. As a citizen, I see a lot of dysfunction in government, and as an engineer, I believe I know how to fix it. I will be a consistent and principled advocate for personal freedom, individual rights, and legal equality, and I will work to revise or repeal laws at odds with these principles.

I am an advocate for: Repealing civil asset forfeiture. Limiting sovereign immunity. Reducing licensing and regulatory barriers. Fixing our uncompetitive tax structure at the root instead of carving out special interest exceptions. Letting the market, not the government, direct economic development. Prioritized budgeting, focusing on the essential functions of government, and being deeply skeptical of mere “worthy causes.” Vigorously defending the rights of free speech, association, and due process – even when those rights are unpopular.

http://kylemarkley.org (website not yet updated for 2018)

(This information furnished by Kyle Markley.)

State Representative, 34th District

Joshua Ryan Johnston

Joshua Ryan Johnston


Occupation: Cyber Security

Occupational Background: Military Intelligence, Technology, Security, Governance

Educational Background: M.S. Information Security and Assurance, Norwich University; B.S. International Economics, Texas Tech University; A.A. Arabic, Defense Language Institute

Prior Government Experience: None

Volunteer Work: Teaching Privacy and Security at FreeGeek PDX

My main goal as a representative would be to prevent the restriction of individual freedoms that arise from things like regulatory creep and poorly implemented legislation. I will support legal equality, diversity, and most importantly, individual rights and liberties.

  1. Technical Innovation and Data Privacy – Stopping regulation that prohibits technological innovation. Far too often we see the government trying to step in and regulate technologies that they truly do not understand, often resulting in the loss of personal freedoms for the individual or the movement of personal privacy from the individual to a government supported corporation or the government itself. Recent examples of this include the Net Neutrality debate, increased regulations on cryptocurrencies and blockchain implementations, government attempts to backdoor or regulate cryptography, and the government coercing private companies to hand over information on individual citizens.
  2. Free Market Competition – Prevent Corporate/Government relations stifling market competition. Allowing those in governmental positions to create legislation that gives an advantage to one entity is inherently dangerous to a free market. This allows the rise of monopolies, cartels and exclusionist systems. These ideals also include price fixing on vices through taxes and regulation and business licensing models that prevent free competition.
  3. Personal Liberties – Reducing government influence on individuals and their choices on how they live their lives. Relations between consenting adults should stay between consenting adults. A person’s religious decisions are theirs alone and well beyond the purview of government. An individual’s right to their body is theirs alone. As a nation we should celebrate diversity and individualism rather than encourage group think. A diverse identity is one of the keys to growth and prosperity.

(This information furnished by Joshua Ryan Johnston.)