This week in media – Friday, December 9th

This is the second installment of the LP Oregon’s Week in Media by contributor Lars Jefferson.

Mr. Jefferson is kind enough to compile for us, the Libertarian Party of Oregon interesting, absurd, and relevant news and notes from near us in Oregon and “further” away. Thank you, Lars!

Keep a balanced news diet with Ground News  No one has time to read all the news.  Ground News identifies bias and factuality.  Of course, you still have to do your part and make your own decisions, but Ground News puts it all in one place. 

Want to see something here that may be of interest to Libertarians? I’m especially interested in local news from ALL AROUND Oregon.  Contact me on Discord.  I’m easy to find on Twitter and Facebook.  Happy hunting.


Moms Union: 2023 is the year of the student | The Oregon Catalyst


Environmental advocates tell Corvallis to stop the gas

County Looks to Change its name



Benton County bond measure creeps past $100m

Newberg School Principal, Politicians, Oregon Wineries and ACLU Harass Conservative Business For Refusing to Print Gender Identity Posters | Yamhill Advocate

Arguments abound over whether Oregon should raise alcohol price | KATU

Measure 114

The Short Version of 114 this week

More details on 114 below

“The courtroom’s public gallery immediately erupted with laughter at Marshall’s pledge”

Measure 114: Mid-Willamette Valley law enforcement leaders give their takes

State judge places a hold on Oregon’s gun law and the state says it will appeal

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) – State of Oregon Permit to Purchase Program

Will Hobson Goes to Salem

Multnomah County

Shop Closes after 15 Attacks. Long Plea Left on Door

‘We would like to have our items back’: Equipment, items stolen from preschool

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office seeks feedback on proposed policy

Multnomah County, OR purchased 22K+ tents for homeless


Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler: Remote city employees must be in offices 1/2 time

TriMet wants to increase fares for adults, children, and honored citizens

Portland is first in nation to phase out petroleum diesel, replace with biofuels –

Line for Portland ‘Shroom House’ extends around the block after news breaks of illegal psilocybin sales


Descendants of Slaves in California could receive $200,000 in reparations

Trafficked nanny was paid $40 a month, forced to live in storage room, CA officials say

Twitter Files Part 1 | Matt Taibbi  The Trump and Biden admins are involved

Twitter Files Supplement | Matt Taibbi The FBI is involved  

Twitter Files Part 2 | Bari Weiss Shadowbanning

Twitter Filers Part 3 | Matt Taibbi Banning of Trump

Elon Musk Fires Twitter Lawyer Allegedly Involved In Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story – Benzinga

Judicial Watch Sues Homeland Security for Censorship Requests

FBI got tip about nonbinary shooting suspect a day before 2021 arrest | KATU



Indonesia set to penalize sex outside marriage in overhaul of criminal code – CNA

Woman featured in pro-euthanasia commercial wanted to live, say friends

Nigeria bans ATM cash withdrawals over $225 a week to force use of CBDC

New Zealand ‘Baby W’ case: boy has surgery after court gives doctors guardianship


‘Do Not Believe A Word Of It’: Detransitioned Navy SEAL Says CNN Used Him As Trans Propaganda | The Daily Wire

Disney Climate Change Political Toon to Lose $100M

Indiana Jones Franchise ushers in female lead to replace Harrison Ford

What IS Ye doing?  He walked out of Timcast Episode, then said something racist with Alex Jones.  Is he torching his brand to make his name worthless?  Is this something to get Woke leftists and KKK in the same group?  Is this some kind of 4D Chess or Performance Art?

In a world of War Pigs, Take off the blindfold. Be the girl in red.  


Liberty Is Not for Wimps

Just for Fun

11 Pick Up Lines For Libertarians To Use If They Ever Meet A Girl | Babylon Bee

Podcast Recommendation

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The leftists we call woke have corrupted and continue to destroy society.  A small percentage ACTUALLY knows where this comes from.  The vanguard is usually college-educated people in your company’s HR department, but many educated in our system now believe nonsense.  There is also an army of “useful idiots” who have been immersed in the culture of oppression Olympics, racist, sexist, phobias, and whatever the current thing is. Learn to spot it and get out of this cultural phenomenon.

James Lindsay has done the reading so you don’t have to.  If you want to get into the weeds of what’s going on, check out New Discourses.   

What is SEL?  Social Emotional Learning is covered here in this episode on Disaffected.

James also appeared with  Benjamin Boyce and DrRollergator about the dynamics we are seeing today.  Guess, what? James drops a BIG YELLOW PILL at the end.

Dave Smith, Jimmy Dore, Craig Jardula: Can the anti-war Left and Libertarians work together?

LPO Editor