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This Week in the Media 

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Multnomah County

Antifa-linked Twitter account takes credit for Portland bank arson, says it was act of ‘revenge’ for Atlanta autonomous zone arrests | The Post Millennial |

Gresham MAX station attack: Source says victim’s face ‘half chewed off’ | KATU

Focused Intervention Team Arrests One Man, 2 Boys with Guns in Car

Washington County

Dr. Lynn Asked to Resign From Tigard Tualatin School Board

School Board / Become a Board Member

Benton County

Benton County’s final number for May bond measure: $110 million


Support OFF lawusit

THREE DAY SAFEGUARD PROTECTED – Oregon Firearms Federation

Text of Order

Oregon judge extends ban on new gun law’s background checks


Oregon doles out $10M in unclaimed funds … could be you?

Oregon lawsuit spotlights destruction of Black neighborhoods – OPB

Oregon Releases Guidance for supporting ‘gender expansive’ students

ODE- Supporting Gender Expansive Students FILE

Kotek taps fired GAPS superintendent Melissa Goff as education advisor



Boshart Davis hatches plan to help farmers with new OT law

New Oregon Wastewater Rules Threaten Portland’s Food Cart Culture

These 20 new Oregon laws are going into effect in 2023

Pat Allen leaving Oregon Health Authority for top health role in New Mexico

Court voids 300 felon convictions over jury issue | The Oregon Catalyst

New Oregon DUII law takes effect this weekend for commercial driving privileges | News |

Insurance rate skyrocket in Oregon | Economics |

Wallowa becomes 12th Oregon county to seek secession to Idaho

Lebanon Goose

Watch: Goose cut loose after Lebanon denies permit

Lebanon goose cut loose after companion killed in foster home


US Virgin Islands AG is fired just days after she sued JPMorgan Chase | Daily Mail Online

Speaker of the House

Chaos in the House: McCarthy’s Plea and Begging for Votes

McCarthy concessions to win Speakership raise eyebrows | The Hill


Federal Court Rules in Favor of Former Virginia Tech Soccer Player in Free Speech Case – JONATHAN TURLEY

US appeals court blocks ban on rapid-fire ‘bump stocks’ | AP News

House Speaker vote: McCarthy builds momentum in Speaker fight | The Hill

Maryland [Catholic] hospital violated Affordable Care Act in denying medical care to trans patient, court rules | The Hill

CDC Finally Released Its VAERS Safety Monitoring Analyses for COVID Vaccines via FOIA

In a world first, AI lawyer will help defend a real case in the US

Colorado migrants are being sent to New York City

TikTok Doc’s Trans Patients Post More Gruesome Stories Of Post-Op Complications | The Daily Wire

REVEALED: California school district facilitating gender transitions on children without parental consent | Libs of TikTok

Alex Stein Addresses Baltimore City council

Judicial Watch and New York City Settle Federal Lawsuit on Voter Registration Clean-Up after City Removes 441,083 Ineligible Names from Voter Rolls

Court backs St. Johns County School District in transgender bathroom fight

Sen. Dahm files resolution to amend constitution and declare Oklahoma a sovereign state

Mother sues school district after 8th-grade daughter allegedly strip searched – ABC News

Judge: People can sell candy, cakes, cookies without license

New smoking ban starts at Miami Beach parks and beaches

Evergreen teacher can sue principal over MAGA hat incident, Ninth Circuit rules | KATU

L.A. County to pay $20M for Black family’s seized land

Idaho court tosses lawsuit that aimed to block abortion bans – Local News 8

Sexual allegations against school staff spike back to pre-pandemic levels in Chicago | The National Desk

VIDEO: El Paso cleans up migrant camps before Joe Biden border visit


Canadian College Threatens Jordan Peterson’s Medical License, Demands Social Media Communications Training

Veteran and former Paralympian Christian Gaultier talks being offered MAID

EU backs Covid-19 tests for inbound passengers from China – The Irish Times

Expert Advisory Group on Ending Conversion Practices: report and recommendations –

Iran executes two men over alleged killing during protests – The Irish Times

Bolsonaro supporters invade Brazil’s Congress and Supre…

China reopens, ends quarantine rules for overseas travelers – Taipei Times


Understanding DEADNAMING | James Lindsay

John Witherspoon Delenda Est

False Assumptions Behind Youth Gender Transitions | SEGM

You’ve Got to Be Kidding: Professor Demands Animals Stop Eating Each Other | Mises Wire

‘I’m losing my g*ddamn mind’: Woman records herself having full-blown meltdown over an ambulance in the bike lane

New York Times guest essay argues ‘short people’ better for the planet | Fox News 


Scientists say planet in midst of sixth mass extinction, Earth’s wildlife running out of places to live – 60 Minutes – CBS News

No, Humans Are NOT Causing A “Sixth Mass Extinction” | MICHAEL SHELLENBERGER

Twitter/Social Media

THREAD: The Twitter Files Twitter and the FBI “Belly Button”

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “1.THREAD: The Twitter Files How Twitter Let the Intelligence Community In” / Twitter

The Twitter Files: The Lost Chapters | Dr Rollergator

Surveillance State: What the #TwitterFiles mean for America, Ukraine and libertarianism | LP of MA

Facebook whistleblower says company isn’t ‘committed’ to civic integrity | The Hill



60 Minutes Interviews Population Control Expert Thanos | Babylon Bee

FBI To Host Annual Jan 6 Reunion | Babylon Bee

FreedomToons: Best of 2022


Father’s Son May Be Castrated By California After Texas REFUSES Court Petition | TIMCAST

Organised Anarchy | Lotus Eaters

GOP CUTS DEAL To End House Vote GRIDLOCK, But McCarthy May STILL Lose in Historic 7th Vote | TIMCAST

#389 “We Need to Talk About Kevin (w/ former Rep. Justin Amash)

What Are the Feds HIDING in Jan. 6 ‘Investigation’? | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 169

Wokist Incomprehensible Gibberish | Lotus Eaters

Marxists use linguistic tricks. “Communists share your vocabulary but they don’t share your dictionary” is a common way of putting it. One of the dirtiest of those tricks is on the word “people.” Whether it’s in establishing “Democratic People’s Republics” or championing “the people’s movement,” Communists are always subtly telling us that the only people they count as people are Communists. In this episode of New Discourses Bullets, host James Lindsay explains this history and usage and ties it to a present-day example that, on the surface, looks funny but turns out to show an ugly hand. Join him to learn more! 

The People | New Discourses

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