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LPO Volunteer Lars Jefferson curates a list of links and notes of interest to libertarians in Oregon.

This Week in the Media 

13 February 2023

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Libertarian Party Response to State of The Union

Telephone Town Hall OR 1 (Clatsop, Tillamook, Columbia, Washington & NW Multnomah)

February 24 1100hrs

Live | Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici

Rage Against the WAR Machine 2-19-23

Rage Against the War Machine

Statement from the Libertarian Party on anti-war rally

Rant against the war machine, with Jimmy Dore | The Greyzone

Epstein Clients

‘Salacious’ Allegations Against Jeffrey Epstein Associates to be Unsealed

Multnomah County


Beaverton TC Max Stop & Fentanyl | PDXReal

Portland Street Response on the scene | PDXReal

Homeless use food benefits for converting bottled water into cash for drugs | PDXReal

Father says PPS’s response to ‘hate-based’ attack against son didn’t go far enough

Metro missing thousands of payments for high-income tax for homeless services | KATU

Portland Public Schools announces hiring freeze amid budget, enrollment issues

Labor Agreement: Portland labor workers will see a 13% salary increase starting July 1 | KATU

‘Anarchists’ release Belmont Goats in protest of homeless sweeps –

Coalition’s roadmap on Portland metro homelessness looks to get 5,600+ into housing | KATU

Shoplifting and Beatdown at Walgreens on Holgate and 82 | WTFPortland

114 and MORE

THIS IS NOT A GUN BILL? – Oregon Firearms Federation

Missouri decides not to ban unsupervised minors from carrying guns on public property | Reuters

Proof Constitutional Carry Doesn’t Turn States Into The Wild Wild West!!

Shooting at Nebraska Target highlights gaps in gun laws

Huge win for gun owners | OFF

Measure 114: FBI won’t be enforcing background checks, says OSP | KTVL

Oregon Supreme Court Ruling – 9 February 2023

GOA and Texas just sued ATF (again)

Republican AGs sue ATF over a new rule regulating pistol-stabilizing braces

When your Supreme Court tells your state to go pound sand


Liberals withdraw bill’s assault-style firearm definition, promise more consultation


Oregon Politics and Law





Legislation proposed to help local news in Oregon

Oregon lawmakers weigh proposal to allow consumers to fix their own electronics

Benton County makes it official: work from home works (for some)

$110 million Benton bond now in voters’ hands

‘Death tourism’: Oregon becomes a national destination for assisted suicide | The Post Millennial |

HB2279 2023 Regular Session – Oregon Legislative Information System

Activists concerned with Corvallis parking, towing laws

Oregon lawmakers consider cutting millions from addiction services after decriminalizing drugs | Fox News

Oregon Department of Forestry grants $4.4 million to tree nurseries

OLCC Corruption

Kotek demands mass resignations in Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission

Bourbon diversion by top OLCC officials ‘smacks of a good old boys’ network’ –

Kotek’s $1 Liquor Tax

Natural Gas Ban

City of Milwaukie considering banning gas hookups in new homes

Eugene first to ban natural gas in new homes



Man arrested after Coast Guard rescue at mouth of Columbia, ‘Goonies’ fish incident – OPB



Last Blockbuster

The last surviving Blockbuster has an ad timed for the Super Bowl – East Idaho News

Toll Roads

Tolls are coming to Portland-area freeways, and even tolling fans worry they’ll stack up –


US Politics and Law

California Democrat files resolution to expel George Santos from Congress

What Republicans have actually said about cuts to Social Security and Medicare

IRS asks millions of Americans to wait before filing taxes

IRS proposes new reporting program for tips in the service industry

House Democrats call GOP’s bluff on socialism vote

National Enquirer caught in ‘catch and kill’ scandal, sold

Record numbers of people are worse off, a recipe for political discontent: POLL – ABC News

Speaker McCarthy Blasts Biden, Democrats In Major Speech: This Is ‘The Greatest Threat To Our Future’ | The Daily Wire

Five big takeaways from President Biden’s 2023 State of the Union Address | The Hill

Biden in State of the Union exhorts Congress to finish the job

GOP on GOP: Romney scolds Santos, ‘You don’t belong here’

FBI & Catholics

FBI Under Pressure for Targeting Catholics in Leaked Document

Senator Fetterman

BREAKING: John Fetterman rushed to hospital, currently undergoing tests | The Post Millennial |

Democrat Senator Fetterman Left With ‘Serious Mental’ Issues, Can’t Understand What People Are Saying Following Stroke | The Daily Wire

Sen. John Fetterman released from hospital; tests rule out second stroke –

Another balloon

US shoots down another ‘high-altitude object’ over Alaska | The Hill

F-15 Fighter Pilot Explains Why Latest Object Shot Down Over Alaska Is ‘Unusual’ | The Daily Wire

Balloon over Canada

Trudeau: US fighter shot down object over northern Canada

U.S. Closes Airspace Over Montana After Unidentified Object Discovered

U.S. Military Unable To Find Alleged Object That Caused FAA To Close Airspace In Montana

UFO over Michigan

US jet shoots down fourth flying object after Pentagon says it flew near sensitive military sites and was risk to civilian aircraft


The snitch in the silver hearse

Biden Documents

Investigators zero in on Biden aide with links to Hunter in docs scandal


Federal Judge suggests abortion may be protected under 13th amendment’s ban on involuntary servitude


‘Surprise’ in Canada as NYC buses migrants to border – BBC News

Migrants in New York City given free bus tickets to Roxham Road to enter Canada – Rebel News

Military Security?

Intruder breaches base of Air Force One, shot fired | AP News

Foreign Policy

U.S. sanctions 6 more Iranian companies, 3 from Singapore and Malaysia –

Project Veritas

INSANE: Project Veritas Board of Directors REMOVES James O’Keefe and Puts Him on Paid Administrative Leave

James O’Keefe accused of erratic behavior by 16 Project Veritas employees

Twitter thread claims James O’Keefe’s paid leave from Veritas is a coup attempt

Fire on a Plane

Plane makes emergency landing in San Diego after battery pack catches fire on United Airlines flight

Chinese Balloon

Chinese Spy Balloons Flew Over U.S. Under Trump But Were Only ‘Discovered After’ Trump Left White House: Report | The Daily Wire

Explosives may have been on Chinese spy balloon general says

Suspected Chinese ‘spy balloon’ was same size as 20-storey building, US military says

China has more ICBM launchers than US, senior general tells lawmakers – KVIA

Chinese Balloon Recovery Photos Released, Showing Closest Glimpse Yet – Breaking911

China’s Spy Balloon Reportedly Part Of Global Surveillance System; Photos From Wreckage Released | The Daily Wire

President Biden says balloon was not a major security breach – BBC News


U.S. blacklists 6 Chinese entities it says are linked to balloon program


Dust from the moon could help slow climate change, study finds

State Politics and Law

Another $237M granted to Honda battery plant project in Ohio – Sent-trib

Matt Walsh testifies in favor of Tennessee bill banning child gender mutilation

Organs in exchange for freedom? Bill raises ethical concerns

‘Wouldn’t Do Anything Different’: Dr. Peter McCullough Unbowed After Winning Legal Case | The Daily Wire

California’s reparations proposals may carry a steep price for Democrats

French Laundry restaurant that hosted Gavin Newsom maskless, SUES for COVID losses

Whitmer defends use of Tiktok as communication tool

Child Mutilation

Lawmakers in GOP states target medical care for trans kids

Missouri officials investigate transgender youth clinic

Tyre Nichols

Tyre Nichols Documents: Officers never explained stop to him

MPD officer took photo of Tyre Nichols after police beating |

Jury may not hear cops’ admissions in Tyre Nichols’ beating


Mellon Foundation awards $6 million to hire 30 faculty researching ‘race, racism, inequality’

Ohio Train Leak

Chernobyl in Ohio?

Residents kept out as air checked near derailed Ohio train

Newsnation reporter arrested during Ohio governor’s news conference about a train derailment


PCSO: Apparent human smuggling attempt leads to interstate-closing crash


Some states may allow nurses to do more without doctors

Earthquake in New York

Strongest earthquake in 40 years startles western New York – The Daily Gazette


Video shows East Precinct officers back down after bystanders step in over heavy response to Capitol Hill ‘shots fired’ 911 calls | CHS


Retailers try to curb theft while not angering shoppers

AMC to charge more for good seats in movie theaters | AP News

NBC, MSNBC staffers threaten walk-out amid layoffs | The Hill

Space X

SpaceX test-fires Starship booster in milestone for debut orbital launch


Nord Stream II

How America took out the Nord Stream pipeline

White House says blog post on Nord Stream explosion ‘utterly false’ | Reuters


Over 150 people protest Sask ‘naked man’ in girls change room | News

Pink Sea Urchins are on the move to shallower waters thanks to climate change

Child sex change advocate to give ‘gender identity’ webinar for parents of ‘trans kids’ in Ontario school district | The Post Millennial |

LILLEY: High school student suspended, arrested for saying only 2 genders

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal rules that 6-year-old was not discriminated against by teacher saying ‘there’s no such thing as boys and girls’ | The Post Millennial

7.8 Earthquake in Turkey

Race to find survivors as quake aid pours into Turkey, Syria – OPB

Turkiye, Syria earthquake: Deaths near 12,000 | CTV News

Analysis: Turkey’s quake response could shape tough election for Erdogan | Reuters

Turkey probes contractors as earthquake deaths pass 33,000 | KRDO


Spain: Hundreds of thousands march for Madrid’s healthcare


Zelenskyy tells UK ‘freedom will win,’ pushes for warplanes


In Mexico, worry that Maya Train will destroy jungle | KRDO


Russian court upholds shutting top independent newspaper

New Zealand

3.5 tons of cocaine found floating in Pacific Ocean


EDITOR’S NOTE: Per James Lindsay,  anything relating to a Critical (Adjective) Theory is Marxist authoritarianism. Marx complained about economics to gain power. Critical (Insert adjective) Theory complains about race, gender, size, and disability to gain power.  PRAXIS is the application of Marxist principles through these various lenses.


Education Savings Accounts Can Boost Per-Student Spending in Public Schools – Cascade Policy Institute


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Hangs Its Hat in Texas by National Association of Scholars | NAS

Critical Race Praxis

Slaves Built this Country – The Proud Family | Disney

School Lunch controversy in Nyack, NY | Interview

NY School apologizes after kicking off black history month with fried chicken and watermelon


Disney Cuts ‘Simpsons’ Episode That Mentions Forced Labor Camps From Chinese Platform | The Daily Wire

Health & CRT

MRIs show racism and poverty may alter brain development of Black children, study says – KVIA

State of the Union

Jill Biden Kissing Kamala Harris’ Husband at SOTU Leaves Internet Confused

National Divorce

National Divorce? If States Want To Leave, They Have The Power!

Fighting Back

Underdog Syndrome: The Right’s Victimhood Complex


Only two races: the anti-racist philosophy of Viktor Frankl | Dennis Kukuk

‘The Last of Us’ reveals the Best of Us

Why America needs football. Even its brutality.

Twitter/Social Media/AI

Chat GPT’s solution to bomb disarmament

This Technology Will Scare You

The rise of deep fake porn

GOP Senator locked out of Twitter account for posting graphic hunting photo

Breaking: Andy Ngo locked out of Twitter after reporting on Antifa plan to attack TPUSA Oregon event

Biden’s push to protect kids online is ‘way overdue,’ some advocates say | The Hill

Twitter servers reportedly down worldwide

AOC just proved Twitter has changed its rules

Yoel Roth: “Unrestricted free speech paradoxically results in less speech.’

META reinstates Trump’s Facebook, Instagram with ‘heightened penalties’

News of Weird

Funeral home finds woman breathing hours after declared dead | AP News

Taliban fighters finding rent and traffic difficult in Kabul as they adapt to city life

Friend zone trauma: Singapore man sues woman for S$3 million for ‘sufferings’ | World News – Hindustan Times

Dallas Zoo suspect says he took monkeys on train, records show

700 pounds of acorns found inside home’s walls

School employee accused of stealing $1.5M in food from cafeteria, mostly wings

Spanish high court backs man’s right to walk naked in the street | Reuters

A gibbon who lived alone in her cage had a baby. Japanese zookeepers finally know how – Local News 8


Rapper TOM MACDONALD summarizes the news this week

Law & Order: Microaggression Victims Unit Episode 3 – MANSPLAINING

E Girls Trying to Film Harassment at the Gym

Joe Biden and The Chinese Spy Balloon

Sam Smith’s SUPER EDGY Grammys Performance

Satan distances self from Grammys

Biden’s State of the Union Address

Press secretary’s biggest lies yet | Apoctoz

Chinese mock American balloon response


Mexican Balloon spotted You Might be a Libertarian if….


 FLASHBACK: The 1988 commercial that aired ONCE, never to be seen again

Timcast IRL – Virginia REFUSES To Ban Child Sex Changes, Jeff Younger Joins To Discuss His Story

“YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #245: Kari Lake

The podcast of the Lotus Eaters #583

“I Transitioned My Child – I Regret It” | Triggernometry

Mossad leaks the REAL Ukraine-Russia Casualty Numbers. It’s Grim for Ukraine | Kim Iversen

Watch this before you sit down in a hospital bed | WTFPortland

9 Liberty books to read to your kids | Oregon Libertarian Podcast

Elon Musk Invited Me to Twitter HQ, and it’s worse than you can imagine | The Rubin Report

CJ’s top ten war propaganda techniques | Dangerous History 

How Leftists Think | New Discourses

Woke “All” Means Some

LPO Editor