2021 Director Elections

Elections for the 9 director seats for the Libertarian Party of Oregon have begun. If you are interested in running for the board of the Libertarian Party of Oregon, please review this post, the 2021 director election rules and our party bylaws completely and in full before applying.

Important Dates: Last day to file candidacy or withdrawal: April 2, 2021. Ballots will be mailed beginning April 12, 2021. The final day we can receive ballots (NOT the last day to mail them) is May 1, 2021. Election results will be posted on the LPO website.

Eligibility Requirements for running as a director:
Must have returned a ballot in the LPO 2020 Primary Election, and remain an LPO member.

Responsibilities for being a LPO Director:

Board members are responsible for the governance and administration of the Libertarian Party of Oregon.  The most visible activity of the Board consists of holding board meetings, organizing and holding our biennial convention, conducting a primary election that determines our nominees for public office, and electing their successors on the Board.  But there is also much more.  They develop policies for the organization and rules for our elections, recruit and train candidates for public office, engage in public outreach, represent Oregon to the national Libertarian Party, and work with local Libertarian organizations.  They also help raise money to make all of those things possible.

Members of the Board are the super-volunteers of the Party, stepping up to ensure our important work is done.  They serve a 2-year term on a 9-member Board and are elected on a statewide basis through a proportional representation system of voting.

The Board of Directors is largely an administrative body, and has extremely limited authority related to public policy.  You do not need to be an expert on Libertarian issues in order to be an effective member of the Board.  The best candidates are enthusiastic, self-motivated, eager to help the Party, and – most importantly – able to commit the time required to be effective.  You should expect to spend a few hours per week on individual and committee work, plus a board meeting of 1-2 hours per month.

Historically, our Board of Directors meetings have been held in the Portland metro area because that is where most directors have lived, but remote attendance and participation is possible, and meetings have also been held entirely electronically.

Instructions for interested candidates to register and submit candidate statements: 

An eligible person may register as a candidate by sending a message of intent, as well as an optional candidate statement, via any of the following methods:

a) By sending postal mail to the LPO at:
Libertarian Party of Oregon
PO Box 1959 
Beaverton, OR 97075  

b) By sending electronic mail to the LPO Chairperson or Secretary
Chair: Timothy Perkins: chair@lporegon.org
Secretary: Carolyn Wade: carolyn.wade@lporegon.org

c) By publishing their interest on the LPO Facebook grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/lporegon

A registered candidate may withdraw by any of the methods allowed for registration. People who were known to be candidates prior to the adoption of these rules are not required to re-register. Registrations and withdrawals received after the LPO Filing Deadline shall not be processed.

A candidate statement for publication in the Libertarian Voters’ Guide must not exceed 325 words and must be text-only, except for an optional photograph of the candidate. Candidate statements might be reformatted to fit on one half-page when printed. A candidate photograph must be less than 4 years old and be of the head and shoulders only. Photographs will be printed in black and white, 1.5” wide and 1.75” high. Candidate statements will be published in the online version of the Libertarian Voters’ Guide without any filing fee. Statements will be published only after the LPO Filing Deadline unless the candidate requests that their statement be published earlier.

To be included in the mailed copy of the Libertarian Voters’ Guide, a filing fee of $50 must be paid. If the Libertarian Voters’ Guide is only posted on the LPO website, and not mailed, the Board shall fully refund filing fees.
Candidate statements received or paid for after the LPO Filing Deadline shall be considered untimely and shall not be processed.