2023 Leadership Election How-To

Thank you for participating in the 2023 Leadership Election! To learn more about the election, go here. Here are the instructions to submit your ballot:

1. Go to http://lporegon.org/myvote; you'll be redirected to the ElectionBuddy website, where you'll see the following screen:

2. Enter the Access Key and Password provided with your ballot notice - these are unique to you, so we'll know that you voted, but because of the secure election software we won't be able to tell who you voted for.

3. Once you have entered your credentials, the next page will be your electronic ballot. This page has plenty of ballot instructions and links to information about the election to help you navigate the ballot, please read them before voting to ensure that your ballot can be submitted. If you have any questions at this stage, please drop us a line at contact@lporegon.org

4. Rank the candidates in order of preference - the person you most strongly support for each race should be ranked with the lowest number (1), and the person you support the least in each race should be ranked with the highest number. Don't give two candidates the same ranking. If you don't support a candidate, don't give them any ranking.

5. On the Review page, check that your choices are correctly displayed; if they aren't to your satisfaction, press the "Edit" button to change your ballot.

6. Submit your ballot, then save the confirmation code that appears if you want to audit your vote after the election ends.