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2023 Libertarian Party of Oregon Convention

Convention Documents:
Convention Minutes (Coming Soon)
Report of the Bylaws Committee

When: May 28th, 2023
Where: Shawn Gardner Dancing
8900 SW Commercial St. Tigard, OR 97223
Libertarian Party of Oregon 2023 Convention Schedule

7:30 AM - Check-in, Registration and Credentialing 

9:00 AM - Welcome and Introduction of the 2023 LPO Convention Chair - Timothy Perkins

Opening gavel  
Convention housekeeping
Security and safety brief
Directives and definitions; rules of order

2023 LPO Boards Election and Public Policy Board results

9:30 AM - Report of Bylaws Committee - Marrion Skinner

11:15 AM - Mike ter Maat, 2024 Libertarian Presidential Candidate 

11:45 AM - Report of the  Public Policy Board - Travis West

12:15 PM - Report of the Affiliate Committee - Will Hobson

12:45 PM - Set Oregon Free Lunch & Panel 

Local Candidates Panel: “Tokyo Drift in the Campaign Bus”

Travis West - City Councilor, Moro City & Chair of the Libertarian Party of Sherman County
Lars Jefferson - Set Oregon Free Treasurer
Eric Pinnell - Candidate - #1 2022 LP Oregon Vote-Getter 
Taylor Rickey - Candidate
Michael Morrow - Candidate
Charlie Cox - Set Oregon Free Communications Director 
Lunch will be catered for attendees by Set Oregon Free; $10 suggested donation.

2:10 PM - Oregon Libertarian Party Lifetime Member Appreciation and Pinning  

2:25 PM - Keynote Address: Finding Strength in Issue Coalitions - Angela McArdle, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee

3:00 PM - Living the Platform Panel and Q&A.

Panelists represent organizations with an affirmative future vision for our community, and a plan for how to enact the changes that will increase freedom for our communities. These organizations are represented in the Planks of the proposed LP Oregon Platform. 
Matt McCaw, The Greater Idaho Movement
Donna Kreitzberg, Education Freedom for Oregon
Sonja Feintech, Helios Farms, Oregon Liberty Network
Discussion Topics:
Home School / School Choice 
Options for Agorism and Mediums of Exchange 
Secession and Self Determination

4:00 PM - Guest Speaker: Ibra Taher, Oregon Activist: "Why Its Important For Libertarians To Get Involved"

4:15 PM - Public Comment and Member Appreciation

5:00 PM Convention Close

Special Thanks to our guest Parliamentarian and Convention Secretary, Caryn Ann Harlos, Secretary, Libertarian National Committee

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