Below is Article 7 of the Libertarian Party of Oregon Bylaws, which deals with party conventions. To read the rules on elections, click here. To read the full Constitution and Bylaws, click here.

Article 7 – Conventions

Sec 1: Regular Biennial Convention

The LPO shall hold its regular biennial business convention in the state of Oregon in the spring of each odd-numbered year, at a time and place chosen by the board of directors.

Sec 2: Special Conventions

The board of directors, or a group of voting members of no less than 1% of the voting members, may call a special convention to revise the Constitution and Bylaws and perform other business as needed. The purpose for a special convention must be included in the notice for the convention and the program for the convention cannot deviate from this purpose.

Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws adopted in a special convention solely to comply with requirements of Oregon law take effect immediately, but are subject to ratification by a two-thirds vote in a mail ballot issued to ratify such amendments.

Sec 3: Convention Delegates

Any voting member who registers as a delegate in accordance with convention rules may attend and participate in that convention as a voting delegate. The quorum requirement for any convention shall be the lesser of one hundred (100) or one quarter of one percent (0.25%) of the membership.

Sec 4: Convention Notice

Electronic notice of all conventions must be given to all voting members. A prominent posting on the front page of the LPO web site and posting the notice to an electronic mailing list designated for such notices is sufficient for this purpose. It is the responsibility of voting members to ensure that they receive the notice. 45 days notice must be given. The notice must include the time, place, and proposed program of the convention. If a special convention is called by the members directly, they must provide 45 days written notice by mail.