2023 LPO Party Leadership Election

Positions up for election

All leadership positions in the Libertarian Party of Oregon are elected for two-year terms ahead of our biannual convention. Party leadership is comprised of two bodies: the 9-member Board of Directors, which oversees the administrative operation of the party, including running elections, organizing events, and scheduling conventions; and the 11-member Public Policy Board, which creates public policy positions and maintains the LPO Platform. To learn more about the duties of each body, please refer to the Libertarian Party of Oregon Bylaws.


To be eligible to run for the Board of Directors or the Public Policy Board, one must be a member of the LPO (tracked by voter registration) and submit a candidate statement of no fewer than 100 words. Public Policy Board members additionally must pledge in writing “I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.”

To vote for party leadership, LPO members must meet one of the following criteria:

Election Rules & Deadlines
Libertarian Party of Oregon Party Leadership election dates 

LPO Filing Deadline: April 2 – Last day to file candidacy or withdraw
Paper Ballot Request Deadline: April 2 – Last day to request a paper ballot
Mailing Date: April 11 – First day to mail ballots and notices
LPO Election Day: April 30 – Last day to receive returned ballots


You can find a full list of declared candidates with their statements here.

This election will be conducted electronically. To submit your candidacy, or to ask any questions related to this election, please email candidates@lporegon.org with your full name and physical address, along with your 100-450 word candidate statement.

The full rules for this election can be found here.