2021 Convention

The biannual Libertarian Party of Oregon State Convention will take place on Saturday, May 15th, 2021 at 10:30am (registration opens at 10am). It will be held at the Gorge Pavilion in the Port of Cascade Locks, 395 SW Portage Rd, Cascade Locks, OR 97014.

  • All voters registered as Libertarian in the State of Oregon are welcome to register and attend as delegates. Delegates will be eligible to vote on business during the convention.
  • Bylaws amendments will be considered by the delegates.
  • Speakers will include 2020 Vice Presidential candidate Spike Cohen, Anthony Welti, Thaddeus Russel, Buck Johnson, and R Leon Noble.
  • Remote attendance will be available.
Tentative Schedule:

10:00 AM - Registration opens
10:30 AM - Convention opens
10:45 AM - Opening speaker
11:00 AM - Business
12:30 PM - 1st Lunch speaker
12:45 PM - 2nd Lunch speaker
1:00 PM - 1 hour Lunch recess
2:00 PM - Afternoon speaker
2:15 PM - Business resumes 
4:45 PM - Final speaker
5:00 PM - Final adjournment
5:00 PM - Post-Business speakers
After Party