The LPO’s primary election is paid for and conducted by volunteers. The Board of Directors has approved a set of rules for the election, including these important dates:

  • April 24: last day to register or withdraw as a candidate
  • May 4: (estimated) date ballots will be sent
  • May 27: last day to receive ballots for counting

Our primary election webpage contains a link to the complete rules and a listing of registered candidates.

Your participation is crucial!

You, too, can run for office! Every Libertarian candidate, no matter how big or small their campaign, is doing more than just getting the word out about Libertarian policy positions: you expand voter choice and give your neighbors another option besides the typical battle between which of the two major flavors gets to erode our liberties for the next few years. You won’t be alone! Along with connecting you with other Libertarian candidates, the LPO Board has appointed a volunteer Campaigns Director, who will spend the time needed to help you start your campaign and strategize for the months leading up to the General Election.

The form below indicates which partisan offices you could consider running for in this election season, based on your location from voter registration data and the list of offices up for election this year. If you aren’t interested in running for office, leave the form blank and press the continue button to read the rest of our message.