Resolution 22-05 Concerning Oregon Measure 114


The Libertarian Party of Oregon Finds:

  • Measure 114 is incompatible with the Constitution of Oregon, Article 1, Section 27 and the Constitution of the United States, Amendment 2; and
  • Measure 114 is poor public policy and runs contrary to Libertarian Principles; and
  • Measure 114 is poorly written, unfunded, and was unfairly presented to the voters.

It is thereby resolved the chair of the Public Policy Board may designate individuals to speak for the Libertarian Party of Oregon to the contents of this resolution in the administrative rulemaking process for Measure 114 and before legislative committees considering revision, modification, or repeal of all or parts of Measure 114.

It is further resolved the Libertarian Party of Oregon supports the legal action of the Oregon Firearms Federation and the Sherman County Sheriff against Measure 114 and the Libertarian Party of Oregon is authorized to submit an amicus brief in support of the lawsuit.

LPO Editor