LP Oregon Call for Public Policy Board Applications

Friday, August 19th, 2022 - CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS

LP Oregon call for Public Policy Board Applications

The Libertarian Party of Oregon Primary resulted in changes to the Bylaws to create a Public Policy Board to help the LPO message the libertarian positions on Oregon issues.

We are calling for applications for consideration of appointment to the Libertarian Party of Oregon Public Policy Board. Please email pablo.serrato@lporegon.org to get notifications on application process requirements.

Please review the Public Policy Board Bylaws to understand the requirements and duties of the board.

The full bylaws text are pasted below as well:

Article 6 – Public Policy Board


Sec 1: Composition


A. Eligibility

1. To stand for election to or remain a member of the Public Policy Board, a person must meet the same qualifications as those set for the Board of Directors, and must pledge in writing “I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.”


2. No person may simultaneously be a voting member of the Board of Directors and a voting member of the Public Policy Board. One position must be resigned before that person may exercise their vote in the other. A person elected simultaneously to both boards may resign from one before the start of their term, allowing election runnersup to earn the position as if the resigning person had not been a candidate.


3. A person who no longer meets the eligibility requirements to serve is automatically and immediately removed from the Public Policy Board.


4. A member of the Public Policy Board who fails to attend two regularly scheduled consecutive meetings may be removed by a two-thirds vote at the next meeting. If then present, the member facing removal may not vote on this question.


B. Maintenance

1. The Public Policy Board shall be elected by the LPO membership at large, using the same schedule, voting method, electors, and balloting as for the election of the Board of Directors.


2. The Public Policy Board shall have 11 members, whose terms start and end concurrently with the those of the Board of Directors.

3. Vacancies may be filled by appointment by the remainder of the Public Policy Board. 4. Vacancies persisting for more than 90 days may be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors.



 C. Non-voting Members

 The Public Policy Board may appoint or remove non-voting members to serve as advisers, writers, subcommittee chairs, or any other role they deem useful to the business of the Public Policy Board. Non-voting members enjoy every privilege of membership on the Public Policy Board except voting.



Sec 2: Authority


The Public Policy Board shall:

1. in their first meeting of a new term, select from among the regular members a Chair and Secretary.

2. submit written meeting minutes to the Board of Directors within one week of adoption.

3. advise the Board of Directors on the exercise of its power in Article 8, Sec. 1 (A) to choose a nominee for election to public office.

4. maintain records of public policy positions adopted in convention.

5. maintain the public policy platform.

6. oversee public communications related to LPO public policy positions and platform.


B. PowersThe Public Policy Board is empowered, with a two-thirds quorum requirement, to:

1. upon a three-fourths vote, adopt positions on specific matters of public policy.

2. upon a three-fourths vote, create and amend the public policy platform of the LPO.

3. upon a three-fourths vote, issue candidate and ballot measure endorsements.

4. upon a three-fourths vote, approve statements for the Voters’ Pamphlet in support of or in opposition to ballot measures.

5. approve a political party statement for the Voters’ Pamphlet. 

6. upon a two-thirds vote, provide feedback and public testimony on legislative bills and administrative rules, or authorize LPO members to do so.

7. recommend LPO members to serve in government organizations.

8. recommend LPO members to fill vacancies in public office.

9. veto the nomination of any non-member of the LPO to election for public office.

10. veto the nomination of any LPO member to election for public office, but only with the concurrence of the Board of Directors, and requiring a two-thirds vote of each board.

11. delegate any of these powers to subcommittees, the motion to do so being subject to the same vote margin requirement as the power(s) thus delegated, and to set the policies by which the subcommittee members and leadership are seated.


 C. Exclusions

The Public Policy Board has no authority to:

1. conflict with the Libertarian Party Statement of Principles.

2. conflict with public policy positions adopted in convention.


D. Funding

The Public Policy Board may request funding from the Board of Directors to:

1. pay for approved Voters’ Pamphlet statements.

2. transfer to an LPO nominee or their candidate committee.

3. transfer to a political action committee that is not a candidate committee.

4. fund other political advocacy of the LPO.

Sec 3: Transition

The officers of the outgoing Public Policy Board shall convey to the incoming members pending business items, unapproved minutes, recent drafts, and any other materials they deem to be of importance or urgency. These items shall be conveyed no later than the date of the incoming Public Policy Board’s first meeting, which in turn shall be no earlier than the corresponding transitional meeting of the Board of Directors that marks the beginning and end of the term of office.

Sec 4: Meetings

The Public Policy Board must adopt a policy establishing regular meetings. In the absence of such a policy, the Public Policy Board meets at the call of its Chai 

LPO Editor