Measure 114 Hearing Alert

The Legislature hid this upcoming hearing about the Oregon State Police's administrative rules process on M114 by holding it under the "Senate Interim Committee on Judiciary and M110 Implementation" - so nobody is observing this is where the actual M114 work is taking place.

To watch the livestream at 8:30am 12/7 go to this link:

We are being informed this will be taking place in Hearing room B.

We are also just now hearing that OFF's motion to get an injunction has been denied.

The Authoritarians have come for your right to bear arms. We must work together to stop them.

Judge Raschio GRANTED the 10 day Temporary Restraining Order on BOTH the magazine ban and the Permit to Purchase requirement. The  Temporary Restraining Order will last from Dec. 8th to Dec. 18th.

A hearing had been set for next Tuesday (12/13) at 9:00am for Plantiffs' motion for a Preliminary Injunction on the magazine ban and Permit to Purchase

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A more detailed summary and PDF of the order to come later.

The Libertarian Party is the only party that protects your absolute right to bear arms:


LPO Editor