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This Week in the Media by Lars Jefferson

This Week in the Media 

Keep a balanced news diet with Ground News  No one has time to read all the news.  Ground News identifies bias and factuality.  Of course, you still have to do your part and make your own decisions, but Ground News puts it all together. 

Want to see something here that may be of interest to Libertarians? I’m especially interested in local news from ALL AROUND Oregon.  Contact me on Discord or at

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Multnomah County

Antifa-linked Twitter account takes credit for Portland bank arson, says it was act of ‘revenge’ for Atlanta autonomous zone arrests | The Post Millennial |

Gresham MAX station attack: Source says victim’s face ‘half chewed off’ | KATU

Focused Intervention Team Arrests One Man, 2 Boys with Guns in Car

Washington County

Dr. Lynn Asked to Resign From Tigard Tualatin School Board

School Board / Become a Board Member

Benton County

Benton County’s final number for May bond measure: $110 million


Support OFF lawusit

THREE DAY SAFEGUARD PROTECTED – Oregon Firearms Federation

Text of Order

Oregon judge extends ban on new gun law’s background checks


Oregon doles out $10M in unclaimed funds … could be you?

Oregon lawsuit spotlights destruction of Black neighborhoods – OPB

Oregon Releases Guidance for supporting ‘gender expansive’ students

ODE- Supporting Gender Expansive Students FILE

Kotek taps fired GAPS superintendent Melissa Goff as education advisor



Boshart Davis hatches plan to help farmers with new OT law

New Oregon Wastewater Rules Threaten Portland’s Food Cart Culture

These 20 new Oregon laws are going into effect in 2023

Pat Allen leaving Oregon Health Authority for top health role in New Mexico

Court voids 300 felon convictions over jury issue | The Oregon Catalyst

New Oregon DUII law takes effect this weekend for commercial driving privileges | News |

Insurance rate skyrocket in Oregon | Economics |

Wallowa becomes 12th Oregon county to seek secession to Idaho

Lebanon Goose

Watch: Goose cut loose after Lebanon denies permit

Lebanon goose cut loose after companion killed in foster home


US Virgin Islands AG is fired just days after she sued JPMorgan Chase | Daily Mail Online

Speaker of the House

Chaos in the House: McCarthy’s Plea and Begging for Votes

McCarthy concessions to win Speakership raise eyebrows | The Hill


Federal Court Rules in Favor of Former Virginia Tech Soccer Player in Free Speech Case – JONATHAN TURLEY

US appeals court blocks ban on rapid-fire ‘bump stocks’ | AP News

House Speaker vote: McCarthy builds momentum in Speaker fight | The Hill

Maryland [Catholic] hospital violated Affordable Care Act in denying medical care to trans patient, court rules | The Hill

CDC Finally Released Its VAERS Safety Monitoring Analyses for COVID Vaccines via FOIA

In a world first, AI lawyer will help defend a real case in the US

Colorado migrants are being sent to New York City

TikTok Doc’s Trans Patients Post More Gruesome Stories Of Post-Op Complications | The Daily Wire

REVEALED: California school district facilitating gender transitions on children without parental consent | Libs of TikTok

Alex Stein Addresses Baltimore City council

Judicial Watch and New York City Settle Federal Lawsuit on Voter Registration Clean-Up after City Removes 441,083 Ineligible Names from Voter Rolls

Court backs St. Johns County School District in transgender bathroom fight

Sen. Dahm files resolution to amend constitution and declare Oklahoma a sovereign state

Mother sues school district after 8th-grade daughter allegedly strip searched – ABC News

Judge: People can sell candy, cakes, cookies without license

New smoking ban starts at Miami Beach parks and beaches

Evergreen teacher can sue principal over MAGA hat incident, Ninth Circuit rules | KATU

L.A. County to pay $20M for Black family’s seized land

Idaho court tosses lawsuit that aimed to block abortion bans – Local News 8

Sexual allegations against school staff spike back to pre-pandemic levels in Chicago | The National Desk

VIDEO: El Paso cleans up migrant camps before Joe Biden border visit


Canadian College Threatens Jordan Peterson’s Medical License, Demands Social Media Communications Training

Veteran and former Paralympian Christian Gaultier talks being offered MAID

EU backs Covid-19 tests for inbound passengers from China – The Irish Times

Expert Advisory Group on Ending Conversion Practices: report and recommendations –

Iran executes two men over alleged killing during protests – The Irish Times

Bolsonaro supporters invade Brazil’s Congress and Supre…

China reopens, ends quarantine rules for overseas travelers – Taipei Times


Understanding DEADNAMING | James Lindsay

John Witherspoon Delenda Est

False Assumptions Behind Youth Gender Transitions | SEGM

You’ve Got to Be Kidding: Professor Demands Animals Stop Eating Each Other | Mises Wire

‘I’m losing my g*ddamn mind’: Woman records herself having full-blown meltdown over an ambulance in the bike lane

New York Times guest essay argues ‘short people’ better for the planet | Fox News 


Scientists say planet in midst of sixth mass extinction, Earth’s wildlife running out of places to live – 60 Minutes – CBS News

No, Humans Are NOT Causing A “Sixth Mass Extinction” | MICHAEL SHELLENBERGER

Twitter/Social Media

THREAD: The Twitter Files Twitter and the FBI “Belly Button”

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “1.THREAD: The Twitter Files How Twitter Let the Intelligence Community In” / Twitter

The Twitter Files: The Lost Chapters | Dr Rollergator

Surveillance State: What the #TwitterFiles mean for America, Ukraine and libertarianism | LP of MA

Facebook whistleblower says company isn’t ‘committed’ to civic integrity | The Hill



60 Minutes Interviews Population Control Expert Thanos | Babylon Bee

FBI To Host Annual Jan 6 Reunion | Babylon Bee

FreedomToons: Best of 2022


Father’s Son May Be Castrated By California After Texas REFUSES Court Petition | TIMCAST

Organised Anarchy | Lotus Eaters

GOP CUTS DEAL To End House Vote GRIDLOCK, But McCarthy May STILL Lose in Historic 7th Vote | TIMCAST

#389 “We Need to Talk About Kevin (w/ former Rep. Justin Amash)

What Are the Feds HIDING in Jan. 6 ‘Investigation’? | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 169

Wokist Incomprehensible Gibberish | Lotus Eaters

Marxists use linguistic tricks. “Communists share your vocabulary but they don’t share your dictionary” is a common way of putting it. One of the dirtiest of those tricks is on the word “people.” Whether it’s in establishing “Democratic People’s Republics” or championing “the people’s movement,” Communists are always subtly telling us that the only people they count as people are Communists. In this episode of New Discourses Bullets, host James Lindsay explains this history and usage and ties it to a present-day example that, on the surface, looks funny but turns out to show an ugly hand. Join him to learn more! 

The People | New Discourses

The Week in Media by Lars Jefferson

The week in media is a list of news & links curated by LPO Member Lars Jefferson.

It’s that time of year.  We are all tired, weary and just want to be with family and friends. Unfortunately, the powers that be use this time to dump a lot of stuff in the media while no one is watching. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy New Year and be ungovernable.

Keep a balanced news diet with Ground News  No one has time to read all the news.  Ground News identifies bias and factuality.  Of course, you still have to do your part and make your own decisions, but Ground News puts it all together. 

Want to see something here that may be of interest to Libertarians? I’m especially interested in local news from ALL AROUND Oregon.  Contact me on Discord or at

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Multnomah County

Gunfire shatters glass doors at Legacy Emanuel ER


Shroom House Manager Pleads Guilty to Three Felonies


The Left is Suddenly Against Gun Control

Oregon Ballot Measure 114: Everything You Need To Know In One Place, Without Partisan Spin, And In Chronological Order

Judge Hears The State’s Request For Endless Delays. – Oregon Firearms Federation



Commissioners mull funding in $108M Benton County bond measure

Oregon Bans all gas new car sales in 2035, joining California

Sunny days? Lebanon grants pet goose 2-week stay

Brown’s death row purge gives killers ability to leave prison | The Oregon Catalyst

Corporate Tax Means Long Pharmacy Lines – Eugene Weekly

Tolling’s Political Pile-Up | The Oregon Catalyst

DEQ’s costly commuting rule

VIDEO: Yamhill County Sheriff Deputy Threatens to Arrest Journalist for Recording City Councilor At Public Meeting

Tillamook workers vote to stay unionized

Second Oregon city takes steps to ban new home natural gas connections – Portland Business Journal

Gov. Brown forgives unpaid traffic tickets in Oregon

Online attack forces OregonWatchdog site offline | The Oregon Catalyst



Last Moves: Governor Brown fills Oregon Supreme Court vacancies 

Capital Chatter: Free speech in the Legislature | Opinion |

Arizona Election Debacle: Incompetence or Malice?

Kari Lake GOING TO TRIAL, Judge AGREES On 2 Counts In Election Challenge, Democrats FURIOUS

Kari Lake Witnesses Drop BOMSHELL EVIDENCE, But Media LIES Saying NOTHING Happened, TRIAL CONTINUES

Arizona judge rejects Kari Lake’s election challenge and confirms Hobbs’ victory



Planned Parenthood Starts Telemedicine Abortions in Kansas

Representative Dan Bishop-R NC Breaks down 4155 Page, $1.7 TRILLION spending bill

Biden Admin to Drop Half a Million on Artificial Intelligence That Detects Microaggressions on Social Media

Judicial Watch Victories: California Court of Appeal Upholds Court Injunctions against Quotas for Corporate Boards

Crabbers, fishermen seek US aid after disaster declaration | AP News

Congress moves to ban TikTok from US Government Devices

Oberlin College finishes paying $25M judgment in libel suit

Report: Executions continue to decline in U.S., but many are ‘botched’ – The Columbian

Transgender ‘pervert’ is arrested 15 months after she ‘exposed herself to women and girls at Wi Spa in LA’ triggering violent protests from Antifa goons who branded allegations a bigoted hoax

ICE to let detained illegal immigrants free in Tennessee: TN governor | The Post Millennial |

Boise Pride: All-Ages “Drag Santa” Event Leaves Dozens of Mentally Disturbed Groomers Out In The Cold After Fake Counter Protest Rumor Spreads

BDSM activists ask Broward County for dungeon funding 

National Guard goes without pay before Christmas

States contend with short timeline to correct broadband map

SF Gave $1.4B to Nonprofits This Year. Many Were Not Living Up to Contracts


Biden Ditched Town Before Signing $1.7 Trillion Omnibus, So Now The Gov Is Flying The 4,000 Page Bill Down To His Tropical Vacation For His Stamp Of Approval

US Supreme Court keeps asylum limits in place for now

Paul Pelosi attack: Suspect enters not-guilty plea


Police seize on COVID-19 tech to expand global surveillance | Stars and Stripes

Electric vehicles: Canada moves to mandate in 2026 | CTV News

Government seeking delay to MAID expansion that would cover mental illness | CBC News

Arrested for Praying in England VIDEO

Charity volunteer arrested, charged for silent prayer “thoughtcrime” near abortion facility – ADF UK

Zelenskyy, BlackRock CEO Fink agree to coordinate Ukraine investment

Decline of vultures in India affects Zoroastrian Burial practices 


Original animatronic ‘E.T.’ model used in Spielberg classic sells for $2.56 million

‘Monty Python’ Alum John Cleese Slams ‘Wokes’ And The Current ‘Thrill Of Being Offended’ | The Daily Wire

Is this happening where you are?

How To Write A Smart Anti-CRT Law That Will Stand Up In Court

Police save fellow officer from fentanyl overdose during traffic stop in Florida | The National Desk

How the ‘Experts’ Silenced Their Critics and the Lockdowns Made Us Sicker – The Free Thought Project


It’s time to check your kid’s toys for grooming materials

My Employer Risked Its Core Mission to Cancel Me for My Conservative Views


Twitter/Social Media

Twitter Files Part 7 | Michael Shellenberger FBI Pays Twitter for information

Twitter Files Part 8 | Lee Fang  Pentagon propaganda

Twitter Files Part 9 | Matt Taibbi Twitter and OTHER government agencies

Twitter Files Part 10 | David Zweig COVID repression 

World Economic Forum cancels Twitter, directs followers to Chinese social media apps

Elon Musk BLACKMAILED For $50,000, Suspends Taylor Lorenz On Twitter, NO WONDER He’s So Pissed|Timcast

Facebook is riddled with ex-CIA agents while many ex-FBI agents work at Twitter | Daily Mail Online

Elon And Me On The Twitter Files | Michael Shellenberger

WATCH: Biden’s trans diversity hire Rachel Levine tells doctors to ‘advocate for tech companies’ to censor LGBTQ ‘misinformation’


Unvaccinated drivers more likely to crash ??

Crime Squad: Episode 4

Elmo Dies Of Myocarditis After Receiving COVID Vaccine | Babylon Bee

Is Canadas suicide program diverse enough?


This is how the leftists see competing views

Extremists, bigots, and conspiracy theorists: YouTuber Tim Pool’s 2022 guests in review | Media Matters for America


Episode 14 – Oregon Measure 114, Mag ban and license to own.|Liberty Mindset

Federal Gun Control

GOOD NEWS! All Federal Gun Control Bills Are Dead!!

Omnibus Bill

Paying Taxes Is Very Important

What is ESG?

ESG – New Discourses | Definition & The ESG Cartel | Bullet

How the ESG Machine Works

Timcast IRL – FBI Hunter Biden Censorship CONFIRMED PSYOP w/Vivek Ramaswamy & Lauren Chen

Where your cobalt batteries come from | Joe Rogan and Siddarth Kara

“YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #238: Alex Stein

Put a lump of coal in Salem’s stocking

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The Week in Media: Lars Jefferson

Keep a balanced news diet with Ground News  No one has time to read all the news.  Ground News identifies bias and factuality.  Of course, you still have to do your part and make your own decisions, but Ground News puts it all together. 

Want to see something here that may be of interest to Libertarians? I’m especially interested in local news from ALL AROUND Oregon.  Contact me on Discord or at


Judicial Watch: FDA Records Show Significant Number of mRNA Test Rats Born with Skeletal Deformations

FBI’s 4-Acre Geofence Dragnet at the US Capitol on Jan. 6 Violated Fourth Amendment, Defense Attorneys Contend

People who skipped their COVID vaccine are at higher risk of traffic accidents, according to a new study

San Francisco requires gender identity lessons for elementary school students | The Post Millennial |

Court Rules Connecticut Transgender Athletes Can Compete on Athletic Teams That Correspond with Their Gender Identities | TIMCAST

Judge prevents Biden from ending ‘Remain in Mexico’ immigration policy – KVIA

‘Ghost gun’ group loses bid to restore Texas claims against N.J. official | Reuters

Twitter Files

Part 4 | Michael Shelleberger – Deplatforming Trump Part 2

Part 5 | Bari Weiss – Deplatforming Trump Part 3

Part 6 | Matt Taibbi –  Twitter and the FBI

Bari Weiss Criticizes Musk For Suspending Those ‘Reporting’ On Private Jet Story, Pundits Respond | TIMCAST



OR Gov. Kate Brown orders state execution chamber to be dismantled

Oregon looks to create first-in-nation universal health care plan | KATU

Gov. Kate Brown breaks ribbon at Millersburg’s inland port hub

Oregon GOP state senator with stormy political career resigns – The Columbian

Bill for new I-5 bridge connecting Oregon, Washington: $6 billion

Election Director resignation story changes. (cover-up?) | The Oregon Catalyst

Corvallis residents push back on natural gas deal headed to council

Measure 114

HUGE UPDATES From Oregon on Ballot Measure 114

Why Everyone Needs An AR-15

Oregon judge issues injunction blocking high-capacity magazine ban – OPB


Multnomah County

See how and why Portland ranked on a list of sinful cities


WARMINGTON: Students not to take pictures of trans shop teacher | Toronto Sun


America, We Can Choose Not to Tolerate Weirdos

Podcast Recommendation

Hunter Biden Humor

the FBI tells twitter to censor Hunter Biden stories|Freedomtoons

Michael Knowles and Luke Rudkowski have an unresolved debate about the state, individuals, families and culture.

Timcast IRL – Pelosi Attacker’s Son Says DePape May Have Been SEX SLAVE w/Michael Knowles

This week in media – Friday, December 9th

This is the second installment of the LP Oregon’s Week in Media by contributor Lars Jefferson.

Mr. Jefferson is kind enough to compile for us, the Libertarian Party of Oregon interesting, absurd, and relevant news and notes from near us in Oregon and “further” away. Thank you, Lars!

Keep a balanced news diet with Ground News  No one has time to read all the news.  Ground News identifies bias and factuality.  Of course, you still have to do your part and make your own decisions, but Ground News puts it all in one place. 

Want to see something here that may be of interest to Libertarians? I’m especially interested in local news from ALL AROUND Oregon.  Contact me on Discord.  I’m easy to find on Twitter and Facebook.  Happy hunting.


Moms Union: 2023 is the year of the student | The Oregon Catalyst


Environmental advocates tell Corvallis to stop the gas

County Looks to Change its name



Benton County bond measure creeps past $100m

Newberg School Principal, Politicians, Oregon Wineries and ACLU Harass Conservative Business For Refusing to Print Gender Identity Posters | Yamhill Advocate

Arguments abound over whether Oregon should raise alcohol price | KATU

Measure 114

The Short Version of 114 this week

More details on 114 below

“The courtroom’s public gallery immediately erupted with laughter at Marshall’s pledge”

Measure 114: Mid-Willamette Valley law enforcement leaders give their takes

State judge places a hold on Oregon’s gun law and the state says it will appeal

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) – State of Oregon Permit to Purchase Program

Will Hobson Goes to Salem

Multnomah County

Shop Closes after 15 Attacks. Long Plea Left on Door

‘We would like to have our items back’: Equipment, items stolen from preschool

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office seeks feedback on proposed policy

Multnomah County, OR purchased 22K+ tents for homeless


Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler: Remote city employees must be in offices 1/2 time

TriMet wants to increase fares for adults, children, and honored citizens

Portland is first in nation to phase out petroleum diesel, replace with biofuels –

Line for Portland ‘Shroom House’ extends around the block after news breaks of illegal psilocybin sales


Descendants of Slaves in California could receive $200,000 in reparations

Trafficked nanny was paid $40 a month, forced to live in storage room, CA officials say

Twitter Files Part 1 | Matt Taibbi  The Trump and Biden admins are involved

Twitter Files Supplement | Matt Taibbi The FBI is involved  

Twitter Files Part 2 | Bari Weiss Shadowbanning

Twitter Filers Part 3 | Matt Taibbi Banning of Trump

Elon Musk Fires Twitter Lawyer Allegedly Involved In Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story – Benzinga

Judicial Watch Sues Homeland Security for Censorship Requests

FBI got tip about nonbinary shooting suspect a day before 2021 arrest | KATU



Indonesia set to penalize sex outside marriage in overhaul of criminal code – CNA

Woman featured in pro-euthanasia commercial wanted to live, say friends

Nigeria bans ATM cash withdrawals over $225 a week to force use of CBDC

New Zealand ‘Baby W’ case: boy has surgery after court gives doctors guardianship


‘Do Not Believe A Word Of It’: Detransitioned Navy SEAL Says CNN Used Him As Trans Propaganda | The Daily Wire

Disney Climate Change Political Toon to Lose $100M

Indiana Jones Franchise ushers in female lead to replace Harrison Ford

What IS Ye doing?  He walked out of Timcast Episode, then said something racist with Alex Jones.  Is he torching his brand to make his name worthless?  Is this something to get Woke leftists and KKK in the same group?  Is this some kind of 4D Chess or Performance Art?

In a world of War Pigs, Take off the blindfold. Be the girl in red.  


Liberty Is Not for Wimps

Just for Fun

11 Pick Up Lines For Libertarians To Use If They Ever Meet A Girl | Babylon Bee

Podcast Recommendation

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The leftists we call woke have corrupted and continue to destroy society.  A small percentage ACTUALLY knows where this comes from.  The vanguard is usually college-educated people in your company’s HR department, but many educated in our system now believe nonsense.  There is also an army of “useful idiots” who have been immersed in the culture of oppression Olympics, racist, sexist, phobias, and whatever the current thing is. Learn to spot it and get out of this cultural phenomenon.

James Lindsay has done the reading so you don’t have to.  If you want to get into the weeds of what’s going on, check out New Discourses.   

What is SEL?  Social Emotional Learning is covered here in this episode on Disaffected.

James also appeared with  Benjamin Boyce and DrRollergator about the dynamics we are seeing today.  Guess, what? James drops a BIG YELLOW PILL at the end.

Dave Smith, Jimmy Dore, Craig Jardula: Can the anti-war Left and Libertarians work together?

The Libertarian Party at Central Catholic High

Today Richard Burke along with Annie Kallen, represented the Libertarian Party of Oregon at the annual “Democracy in Action” event hosted by Central Catholic High School in Portland Oregon.  At this event, various public officials, political parties, and political organizations set up displays while students arrive and ask questions.

At this year’s event, the Libertarian Party’s table was one of the most popular with crowds asking questions and listening to answers throughout the event.  Over the last ten years, the Libertarian Party of Oregon has been a fixture of this event.

To help demonstrate what is unique about the Libertarian Party of Oregon, we employed the well known quiz along with the nolan chart as is available from the Advocates for Self Government.  In the attached photo, Richard Burke and Annie are shown second and third from the left.

Learn more about Libertarian Party Candidates in Oregon

This is a running list of websites for candidates:

Leon Noble – Candidate for Governor –

Shira Newman – Oregon State House District 42

Michael Morrow – Oregon State House District 21

Eric Pinell -Oregon State  Senate District 4


Register to vote Libertarian in Oregon:

Join our newsletter:

Oregon Public Policy Board appointed by LPO Board

On September 21st, 2022 the Libertarian Party of Oregon Board appointed the Public Policy Board after a review of applications called for on August 19th, 2022.

We had more applications than seats on the board. We are proud to have a range of experiences including two office holders, and lifetime members of the Libertarian Party. They will be led by Travis West, the LP Public Policy Board Chair who was selected by his fellow Public Policy Board members.

Our next LP Oregon convention the Public Policy board will be open for election.